Home Appliance Repair Tips for Parker, Castle Rock, & South Denver Metro Communities

“What to Do Before You Call”

At Blue Frog Appliance Repair, our home appliance repair technicians focus on consistently showing integrity and professionalism in every job we do for our valued Castle Rock, Parker, and south Denver clients from start to finish. We set ourselves apart from our competitors in the home appliance repair industry because, to us, you are more than a number or a paycheck. That’s why we want all our Castle Rock, Parker, and south Denver metro clients to be informed about the home appliance repair process, and when a problem can be fixed easily on your own.

Our appliance repair technicians care about your time and your budget, which is why we’re willing to assist you with minor appliance troubleshooting problems over the phone, if we feel it is a simple do-it-yourself fix. We will also be forthright if we think your broken appliance is something we can repair, or if it needs to be replaced entirely. We will never tell you there is a problem when there isn’t, so you can be confident that if you enlist our home appliance repair service, it is for a truly necessary repair issue.

Don’t Panic! Follow These Home Appliance Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Check for any visibly broken parts inside and outside of the appliance, and be weary of exposed wires, burn marks, leaks, or other potentially hazardous problems.
  • Unplug the appliance and plug it back in, then try and run it to see if it works.
  • Check around the outside of the appliance—Has something shifted? Are all circuits and fuses working? Are there any visible clogs or jams?
  • Check all controls to see if the appliance is running on the correct settings.

When in doubt, always leave it to the professionals at Blue Frog to ensure your safety and that the repairs are done correctly with our specialized tools and appliance replacement parts.

Easy Appliance Repair Fixes

  • My electric dryer is not heating up! Try checking your circuit breakers.
  • My clothes dryer is not drying clothes efficiently! See if the dryer vent hose is clogged or kinked, or if the exhaust line is plugged up.
  • My dishwasher is backing up through the sink! See if the hose between the disposer and the air gap is plugged.
  • There’s no ice in my ice maker! Make sure your bar in the ice maker is in the down position.
  • My refrigerator is not getting cold! Check if there is lint built up on the condensers.


Time to Call Us?

When your home appliance is in need of repair, time is of the essence. Make your call to Blue Frog Appliance Repair go quickly and easily by having this appliance information on hand:




Call Blue Frog Appliance Repair today for a free estimate and help with appliance troubleshooting from an experienced professional. See why we are the number one choice for local appliance repairs in Castle Rock, Parker, and the surrounding south Denver communities!